A Friend For Life feat. Tatiana Kaletsch

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A Friend For Life feat. Tatiana Kaletsch
A Friend For Life feat. Tatiana Kaletsch

Years of experience with dogs: The first dog I got was in 1995, we rescued dogs, never bought them. All through my life, we’ve had eight dogs in total.

How did you find out about Pooch Pals? I’m studying to become a dog trainer, and Pooch Pals found my information from the training school [that I was studying at]. They approached me, asked me if I was interested to join their team.

What’s your favorite part about the job? I like animals a lot, and I like getting outdoors. Something we learn in dog training school is that one of the main reasons the dogs are killed is because they’re not trained well, and end up in shelters. I want to use my training well for shelter dogs so that they can become easily adopted.

What is your favorite memory working with Pooch Pals? There’s a variety with this job. I see different houses, different dogs, different ages, and so on. I think that’s a really fun part of the job, because everything is always different.

What is the routine of walking the dogs like? At the moment, I’m a substitute for dog walking and pet sitting clients. I read all about the dog, and find out its characteristics; such as will it bark at children, will it need a collar or harness etc. Unlike the other walkers who have a daily routine with the same clients, my routine is to be really precise and read everything carefully about the dog, as my schedule changes.

What do you think is a suitable personality for this job? I guess you have to love dogs! Any number of personalities would make a great dog walker and trainer. Important is the ability to follow instructions and adapt to different dogs, owners, and situations.

Difficulties you’ve faced and how are you overcoming it? I have not found any difficulties on the job, I just want the dogs and their owners to be happy.

Specific advice you wish everyone would know? I really wish people would take the time to train their dogs well. Not dragging them down the street or having to give them a treat every time to get them to do something. My advice would be to train your dog or train them with a professional.

Do you have any other career aspirations? Corporate and community wellness. I have over 10 certifications in behavioral health and corporate wellness.

What are some of your hobbies? I enjoy sports, travel, my family, friends, studying, music, culture, and getting outdoors. I am also a motivational speaker, radio-show co-host and university course facilitator.

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