A Friend For Life Feat. Faith Huete-Lee

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A Friend For Life feat. Faith Huete-Lee
A Friend For Life feat. Faith Huete-Lee

It was lightly drizzling mid-day when I met Faith Huete-Lee, Operations Manager, and professional pet care provider of Pooch Pals LLC. Annie, a beautiful Chow Chow-Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever mix happily walked at Faith’s side as we conducted an informal interview.

Faith has many years of experience working with and caring for dogs. Her family adopted a Cocker Spaniel when she was in high school, and she got her own dog when she moved to New York in two-thousand and thirteen. That was also around the time she started working for Pooch Pals.

As the Operations Manager, Faith handles client phone calls and emails, and has a break in the middle of her day to walk two dogs, Annie and Einstein. Faith says the favorite part about the job is that she gets to work with both dogs and people. “I love animals and I love people,” she says, “so it is pretty much the perfect combination. Personally, any sort of position where I can make people happy is important to me.”

In Faith’s opinion, a suitable personality for a job at Pooch Pals is “someone who cares for both people and animals. They also have to truly love their job, as you are not going to do a good job if you are not happy. The role requires someone with patience, kindness, and care.”

When asked about the difficulties that come with the job, she responded that sometimes it can be a challenge when a dog is having an off-day or experiencing fear or anxiety. “On these rare occasions, the most important thing is to be patient, and remember that the dog isn’t intentionally doing anything to hurt you or make you upset. It’s up to you to handle these situations without letting your frustration get in the way of doing a good job.”

One piece of advice Faith offered to people considering getting a dog is to research beforehand, taking into account breed specific traits, care and training requirements. “Too many people make uninformed decisions, and then they have to backtrack, pay extra in professional dog training fees or even abandon their animal to a shelter,” she says.

For those individuals interested in getting a dog, we recommend adopting one as well. Checkout petfinder.com and take advantage of Pooch Pals discounted rates for families who adopt. For more information about Pooch Pals professional dog training services contact us today.