A Friend For Life Feat. Mike Revelas

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A Friend For Life feat. Mike Revelas
A Friend For Life feat. Mike Revelas

Meet Mike Revelas, Mike been around dogs ever since getting Rafi, his first dog, but has not had a chance to own a dog ever since moving to New York last year, as his “living situation is not the most ideal for owning [his] own dog.” This had actually lead him to join the Pooch Pals team. After leaving his last job, he knew he wanted to work with animals full-time.

His favorite part about the job is, of course, getting to work with the dogs. The passion that he has towards working with dogs and assisting his clients with their pet’s needs is evident. “It is very rewarding to see the impact you can have on a dog’s well being as well as creating bonds with all of the animals and clients. I know that our clients appreciate what we do, and it is always nice to feel appreciated!”

Every member of the Pooch Pals team has a different day-to-day routine. Mike’s routine tends to vary through the week. He will have anywhere from three to seven different walks on any given day. In addition to giving his dogs exercise, he also concentrates on training the dogs. “I spend at least a portion of every walk doing some training and reinforcement with basic commands in order to make the dogs more confident and well-behaved walkers,” he says. One difficulty that comes with his walks is how hectic it can become when covering for other people’s walks – especially when it comes to coordinating exchanging keys. He notes, however, that this is easy to overcome by having “consistent communication with the other team members.”

As with every vocation, there is a set of personality traits that are more desirable and emphasized than others. Mike thinks that a suitable person for a pet care or dog training role with Pooch Pals would be somebody that is patient, responsible, and caring. And someone who is also passionate about animals. “It is very important to be able to be patient with the animals, because no dog is the same,” he states, “In my opinion, the job is similar to childcare or tutoring. It is imperative as a dog walker to not get frustrated.”

Mike emphasizes that people should be patient and consistent when it comes to dog training. They should work on it every day, splitting up any training sessions into five minute sections several times a day. Consistency is key – he gives an example to further reiterate the point. “A good thing to do when walking, for instance, is to make your dog sit at every corner and pay attention to you until you give them the OK to cross the street.”

His plans to work with animals full-time does not stop here; he hopes to pursue the career path of becoming a professional dog trainer, and perhaps even move on to study at a veterinary school.

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