A Friend For Life Feat. Marc Elias

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A Friend For Life feat. Marc Elias
A Friend For Life feat. Marc Elias

Pooch Pals was started in 1999; sprung from a playful conversation between two friends as they walked their dogs. Jokingly this conversation is where Pooch Pals was born.

Almost a decade after Pooch Pals began, Marc Elias and then owner Kate Perry met a local dog park where their mutual love for animals and training began. First starting as a dog walker for Kate’s company, Marc learned the ropes of the business and worked his way up to become manager, soon-thereafter purchasing the business from Perry. Fast forward to today, Marc has had five years of experience working with dogs, and a lifetime of loving animals. His favorite part about his job is the people and pets. “I love helping people, working with animals and knowing that I am relied on as a trusted partner by so many people.”

As the Canine Executive Officer (CEO), Marc day-to-day routine consists of marketing and establishing relationships with corporate partners. “Over the course of the last year or so, we’ve established some really amazing partnerships with real estate companies such as TF Cornerstone and WeWork, concierge services such as Brooke Stone Lifestyle Management and a number of other pet care and professional service providers whom refer our company to their clients, members and residents.”

In addition to marketing, Marc also manages the company finances. Marc says his goals are to “[see that] Pooch Pals continues to grow as a company, creating new and improved ways to provide our customers (and their pets) an extraordinary experience.”

The hiring process of Pooch Pals is very selective. In his opinion, the personality best suited for the role of a professional pet care provider is “someone who is comfortable being outside in all seasonal conditions, truly loves animals, and is willing to get dirty, sweaty, tired for the care of animals.” Being able to work autonomously, as well as being highly detail-oriented is also a huge plus, because the job requires a high level of attention to detail, particularly in New York City. “Pooch Pals staff are responsible for safeguarding our client’s homes, returning their pet home safely and working on positive reinforcement training, all the while keeping in communication with our clients on a daily basis.”

Pooch Pals receives around 50 applicants a month, and one person is selected (if at all). The employment application has been developed over the course of  two years asking a series of questions geared at evaluating the character of each and every applicant. Beyond the employment application, Pooch Pals managers also use a comprehensive checklist to evaluate and select the best possible candidates who will uphold Pooch Pals core values and maintain their stellar reputation.