A Friend For Life: Sarah W – Professional Petcare Provider

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Happy one year Pooch Pals-iversary to our professional petcare provider, Sarah Wainwright!!

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Sarah went to school for animal science and has owned animals her entire life. Prior to joining our team, she worked as a touring dancer with Mystic India: The World Tour and and performed in murder mystery dinner shows. She was very excited to join the Pooch Pals team; Sarah loves to dance, but her love of animals goes much deeper.

Sarah maintains a heavy schedule of private dog walks, which she loves for both the exercise and the cuddle factor. One of Sarah’s first ever Pooch Pals clients was an eight week old bernadoodle named Murray. Murray is one of Sarah’s favorite dogs to work with because of all of the training opportunities that come with raising a puppy. Sarah has taught Murray basic commands such as look, touch, and sit. Murray is a fantastic learner, and because of that, she also learns fun tricks like wave and bang bang! Murray is a perfect example of why Sarah loves working for Pooch Pals—the perfect blend of smart, cuddly pup and cheerful disposition. Sarah loves all of her dogs equally and for different reasons, but her love of training is what draws her to Murray, and they try to learn something new every week. She believes that raising a puppy with a solid base of commands results in a well mannered adult dog, and she’s not wrong there!

Sarah is a Pooch Pals new employee trainer, professional petcare provider, and an all star employee. In her spare time, she is an avid explorer of the Pokemon world and lover of all video games. She also enjoys reading and going to school, and has recently gone back to college to earn a secondary degree focusing on Psychology.

Sarah looks forward to continuing her Pooch Pals career and meeting many more fantastic dogs!