About Us

Pooch Pals About Us PageAbout Us: Providing private pet care and training reinforcement services since 1999.

Our Ethos:

Pooch Pals is founded on an ethos of compassion and cooperation. In all of our many services, from dog training to in-home pet sitting, we prioritize personal and one-on-one attention. We get to know each of our clients and welcome every new partner into a loving community of pet owners and professionals.

Our Professionals:

Pooch Pals is fully licensed and insured with an excellent staff made up animal lovers who have mastered a number of positive training techniques. All our professional pet care providers have undergone our professional training program. We also ensure that a full criminal background check is conducted and that references are carefully checked.

Our Customers:

Today, Pooch Pals is one of New York City’s most trusted providers of professional dog training, in-home pet sitting and private dog walking services, serving hundreds of pets and pet parents in New York. With a list of references and glowing customer reviews we pride ourselves on our quality customer service and the high level of attention and care we give our furry friends.

Our Community:

Pooch Pals has a number of corporate partners who rely on our expert pet care and dog training knowledge. Click to learn more about some of Pooch Pals partners via our press page.