Company Ethos

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Pooch Pals is committed to positive reinforcement dog training. Our expert techniques have made us a local authority and our exceptional staff has made us a leader in the petcare field. We believe in creating a positive culture in New York City’s pet community, and we welcome clients who are as passionate as we are about receiving personal service for our dogs including positive reinforcement training.

Learn more about what makes us a truly personal petcare provider.

Professional - we are a client services company that provides a total pet care experience.
Our team is comprised of men and women who are capable of conducting themselves with a certain
tact, diplomacy, and discretion with clients, building staff, neighbors and other pet care
Personable - we acknowledge that hiring a pet care provider and giving them access to your home
comes with apprehensions. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will meet you at your home free
of charge. We want you to feel comfortable and confident knowing the person who will be accessing
your home, and caring for your furry child.
Reliable - without fail our trained staff provide pet care services when/where expected. We
take the job of caring for your pet seriously and always keep our clients informed with an
update after each and every walk.
Trustworthy - we realize that trust is earned. Our personal pet care professionals are mature and
compassionate to the unique needs and desires of each of our clients. We understand the
significance our conduct plays in establishing a long-term trusting relationship. With over
15 years of experience in the pet care field, Pooch Pals has had the opportunity to build
long lasting relationships with over 1,000 pet owners.
Compassionate - as a company we go beyond just caring for our customers and their furry kids, 
we also work with rescues and shelters around the New York area helping to raise awareness and 
increase animal adoptions. Click to learn more about the Pooch Pals Foundation 
which further distinguishes our company.