Curb Motion Sickness

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curb motion sicknessFor some dogs car trips produce anxiety and even temporary illness. Our in house Goldendoodle Riley for instance used to get sick riding in the Pooch Pals car. Gas, drooling, burping, vomiting – the works. Not fun! Learn how to curb motion sickness and help make traveling easier for you and your pet.

Enter our saving grace, the Thundershirt. This product applies a constant and gentle pressure around the dog which produces a dramatic calming effect. Like swaddling an infant, or pressure shirts used by thousands of people with autism. Thundershirt has already helped tens of thousands of dogs around the world.

Avoid the vomiting, drooling or┬ánausea. The Thundershirt is a great low cost, non invasive option to consider. Just remember drive safely – and – no texting!