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Pooch Pals is very proud of the service we deliver to our clients every day.

Below are a few examples of customer reviews we have received. We are happy to provide references for you to contact as well.

Lauren C.

When we first got Lucy, we were extremely nervous and stressed out for a host of different reasons. Ayleen took some of that fear and stress away instantly when we started to work with her. Her style and frequency of communication was just what these new, nervous parents needed. She is extremely detailed, reliable and flexible. Additionally, the way she writes about Lucy, we can tell that she truly cares for her. In the videos she sends, I can tell that Lucy is a huge fan of hers as well … Thank you for bringing Ayleen into Lucy’s little life!

Michael P.

“Pooch Pals has been providing daily walks for our young puppy Crosby for the past two months and the experience has been amazing. We were looking for a company that would provide a consistent contact instead of changing the dog walker each day. With the person having keys to your apartment, this was very important to us! The company is extremely easy to work with around scheduling. Cancelling appointments has never been a problem and they have always been accommodating if there were urgent situations. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a caring pet provider. Thanks Pooch Pals!”

Lauren F.

“We’ve been using Pooch Pals for a few months now, and we’re so happy! Our previous dog walking company had a lot of consistency issues (several weeks where we had no idea who was coming from day to day, and a lot of turnover), and now that we’re with Pooch Pals it’s a huge relief to know that our puppy has the same committed, conscientious walker every day. Within the first week, we noticed an improvement in on-leash behavior, and we get thorough, timely updates after each walk. Even our doorman is impressed! The office staff have been very easy to work with, as well.”

Elaine T.

“We’ve been walking with Pooch Pals since our little girl, Sophie, was only about 12 weeks old. She’s now ten months.) All Pooch Pals walkers are trained in-house, and many, including the three amazing young women who walk Sophie. Both of our walkers have both been through rigorous dog training outside of Pooch Pals’ program, and continue to take classes. They’ve taught us so much about how to help us develop good habits our our pup, including how to encourage healthy play with dogs she meets up with on her walks. They’ve also worked hard on desensitizing Sophie to loud noises, loud people, skateboards, strollers and other such things that can scare a puppy. When it’s raining out, they train and play with her inside to reinforce the commands I’m working on with her, including not taking her high value chewy sticks under our bed and refusing to come out! It’s clear that our walkers, and all other walkers who have substituted when our regular walkers are out of town. On that note, Pooch Pals tries very hard to have one of our three walkers, whom Sophie already knows, sub for each other. I can’t recommend Pooch Pals highly enough! They are EXCELLENT!”

Kelly D.

“I often rely on the Pooch Pals team when I have a personal or professional emergency. They have fed Owen dinner many times when I have been stuck at work late. Additionally, Marc has always found someone to stay with Owen (and has in fact even stayed with Owen himself) when last minute work trips have come up. Owen absolutely loves everyone at Pooch Pals.  He is so excited every time one of his walkers comes into the apartment.  Owen always responds to the gentle, loving and playful nature that is characteristic of everyone on the Pooch Pals team.  It is very clear that Owen has a bond with his walkers and it is also very clear that they all feel a bond with Owen.”

Ben T.

“Pooch Pals treats your pet as if he/she was their own. The personal attention my dog received from this company was above and beyond. You are in good hands with Pooch Pals and your pet will be too. Don’t hesitate, if you have training, walking needs, reach out to them asap!”

Beth S.

“Thank you for everything! You make it possible for me to have my dog with my crazy schedule.”

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19 thoughts on “Customer Reviews

  1. Pooch Pals has been a life saver to our family since the day we got Jelly. I can’t imagine a company anywhere that is more caring and nurturing. They have guided us with great advice, potty training and basic commands all to assure we are working together to provide the best care for our pup. The entire team at Pooch Pals is responsive, professional and trustworthy – we know whether it’s a walk in the day or overnight sit, Jelly is in the best hands at all times. Our walker, Mike cares for and loves our pup as if she were his own, he knows her habits, favorite neighborhood spots, various bulldog moods, everything. The daily status emails I receive from him put a smile on my face every time and relieves some of the motherly guilt I have while I’m at work and away from my pup. Thank you for all you do and how you do it Pooch Pals!

  2. I want to sing the praises of our wonderful trainer, Marc Elias, from Pooch Pals LLC. Although it seems he is working with Mr. Jeremy Fox, he is really teaching us, ok, me, how to work with Jeremy. If you or anyone you know needs a professional dog trainer, walkers, etc, check out Pooch Pals LLC, and the kind, calm, thoughtful, caring Marc Elias!

  3. After using PetsHotel for the longest time, we felt having someone come stay at our place with Bailey, our beagle, would be better. We tried Pooch Pals for Thanksgiving two years ago and we were very happy with the level of service they provided. For New Years, we tried another sitter in the neighborhood but she FAILED EPICLY. We went right back to Pooch Pals for our sitting needs. I’m sure all the sitters at their company are great – we just absolutely LOVED Jessica. While on vacation we never had to worry that Bailey was being well cared for; Jessica always put our mind at ease and went above and beyond. We are moving soon and one of the saddest things for us, and especially Bailey, is saying goodbye to Pooch Pals & Jessica.

  4. We received amazing training tips for our new, adopted puppy, Winnie! Marc did an excellent job finding out from us what we wished to focus on before the session and he really kept our one hour session focused on those main goals.

    The results to-date have been great! Winnie suffered from separation anxiety which Marc helped us identify. Since our session the barking has stopped altogether and she is coping much better.

    His techniques were really easy to follow, making it a cinch to keep up with the training when left to our devices. I am so glad we got to train with him. He did a great job with Winnie!

  5. During our professional training session, Marc was super knowlegable and helped us a great deal understand why our dog was doing certain things! He’s the dog whisperer!

  6. I took Kate Perry’s class and with their recommendation we use Pooch Pals to walk and train our dog, Lester. He is a mini/toy poodle and 6 months old. We have found Pooch Pals to be great. They are reliable and are very communicative.

    We receive updates on our puppy daily- and we love this. They are responsive to texts, emails and are always communicating with us and suggesting ways to implement and reinforce training at home. We have found their training to be very helpful. There have been many times when we have had phone conferences with Marc to help guide us and reinforce the training. We trust Pooch Pals with access to our apartment and are completely happy with their work. We have found all their tips helpful as well.

    I know that Lester is in good hands with Pooch Pals– and that they truly take care of him and love him, like we do! They work with Lester on commands, appropriate leash walking, and use treats and his food to train him. We also find they are very flexible with our schedule and will even accomodate us on weekends when needed.

  7. We just hired Pooch Pals for a weekend overnight sitting for our dog, Lars. Marc and staff are total professionals. Sunil was absolutely great with Lars and we’ve already scheduled him to stay for another weekend. Sunil really helped to enhance the training we had started and Lars was happy and relaxed when we returned home. I can’t imagine using any other walking or sitting service and would highly recommend Pooch Pals!

  8. I had seen one of Pooch Pal’s walkers walking a dog in our building and was so impressed that I now use them whenever we need a walker for our 5-month-old puppy. This company is fabulous and I can’t say enough nice things about them. They are very responsive and go above and beyond to satisfy their customers’ needs. Our puppy loves both of the walkers she has had and I always feel confident that she will be well taken care. They are the best- I highly recommend them!

  9. Pooch Pals has been terrific to our boxer, Bailey, since we hired them last September to be our dog walker. They are professional, reliable, trustworthy, and personable. We know Bailey is getting the love, attention, exercise, and training reinforcement necessary to keep him (and us) happy. Every walker we’ve worked with is passionate and well-trained. As a true boxer, he is extremely lovable but has his unique training needs – Pooch Pals has done a fabulous job of reinforcing the training Bailey has received to ensure he continues improving his behavior. Occasionally, we’ve also used them for overnight pet sitting, which makes us feel more relaxed when we leave town knowing Bailey is in good hands and in a comfortable environment. When we first got Bailey as a puppy, we went through many challenging experiences with other dog walkers – lack of experience, training, and professionalism. Pooch Pals has been a breath of fresh air in our experience, and we would highly recommend their services!!

  10. Pooch Pals has been wonderful for us and of course our dog. Not only did they provide walking services, but they also helped correct our dog’s leash aggression. Pooch Pals is special because our walker, Amanda, is a also trainer with Kate Perry. Amanda was involved from the beginning of his behavior correction during Kate’s obedience school and continued the training herself while on our Pooch Pals walks. This was key to reinforce the training techniques that we learned. It was so effective, our dog has improved an amazing amount in just the last 4 months.

    They are wonderful for us and we have recommended them to all my friends with dogs.

  11. My dog, Charlie, and I are great fans of Pooch Pals. Their services are reliable, trustworthy and caring, and they are flexible enough to be responsive to my constantly changing agenda. Charlie has had the same walker, Alex, ever since he arrived in NYC 4 years ago at the tender age of 8 weeks. Our Pooch Pals experience has been more than satisfactory and I recommend them highly.

  12. I am a loyal client and cheerleader for Pooch Pals. My cocker spaniel, Maybelline, was adopted as a rescue, and for the first year I owned her I was so sad that her behavior on the street was atrocious, hysterical, and aggressive. I contacted Kate Perry, who gave me a private training session, and then she suggested that I use a walker from Pooch Pals who would be a trainer as well. The change in my sweet girl is amazing. Admittedly, she still has her moments, but she is controllable and I no longer dread walks. She even has some doggie friends with whom we can visit. She will always be a work in progress.

    My walker, Sunil, is the best. He loves her as much as I do, and he is responsible and trust-worthy. Since Maybelline cannot be boarded because of her inability to socialize easily, he does overnights at my apartment. This is a gift because I know she is loved and in our home. When I had my first introduction to Pooch Pals, all the substitute walkers came to my apartment to meet us, so that if my regular guy was out, May’s walker would not be a complete stranger. Marc Ellis who runs the business is efficient and answers phone calls and emails immediately. He even subs occasionally–which tells me he is so invested in the business., and he knows dogs up close and personal–not just from behind a desk.

    I have a part-time job just for my dog’s meds and her walks. It is worth every penny. Five stars!!!!!!

  13. Pooch pals is a down right honest and trustworthy company. I’m very particular about who I leave Charlie with and I have trusted them to do the job for years. They are always on time and have never disappointed. Not to mention that I receive pictures of my dog to reassure me they are doing their job and that Charlie is happy. Top notch company!!

  14. Pooch Pals has been a trusted and steady part of our two frenchies’ lives for nearly eleven years and counting including early puppy training, daily walks and occasional overnight in-home stays. I trust our dedicated walker Alex whose attention to and consideration for our boys: Ivan and Beluga has been exceptional from day one and continues to impress us. The communication and compassion that permeates all of Pooch Pals has professional polish in Marc making scheduling (and rescheduling) very easy and uncomplicated — thanks Pooch Pals!

  15. Thanks to Marc and the entire Pooch Pals team for taking care of my dog Bula. I have been through many different walkers over the years to care for our pup and Pooch Pals is definitely the most reliable, professional, and friendly!

  16. Pooch Pals is my go-to pet care provider in Manhattan whenever I have to leave town. I initially was apprehensive about having someone stay in my home, but they came recommended by a friend. When they came over for a meet and greet beforehand, I was totally put at ease by them. They are super professional and I totally feel comfortable having them in my apartment unsupervised.

    Over the past couple of years I’ve worked with several of their staff members, all of which are consummate professionals who I trust to care for my dog.

    I recommend Pooch Pals to anyone who is looking for a premium experience. You absolutely get what you pay for!

  17. I have to say that I’ve gone through several dog walking/sitting/training companies over the years and Pooch Pals literally blows them out of the water! I have a 6 year old wheaten terrier who needs lots of exercise and attention every day while I am at work. And I care way too much about my dog to keep him cooped up all day.

    Pooch Pals is reliable, personable and genuinely seems to care about making my dog happy. This is really important to me since my dog is truly a part of the family. They leave me little notes with recaps of the daily walk. I find myself rushing home after a long day, not just to play around with my dog, but b/c I was excited to hear how his day went! Even better was the sporadic adorable cell-phone pics the dog walker would send me during the walks! It always put a smile on my face to see my dog was in good hands while I was in the middle of a long and drawn-out business meeting!

    I rarely write reviews on yelp, mainly b/c I am just too busy these days, but I just had to thank Pooch Pals for taking such great care of my dog. I’ve actually called the main boss on numerous occasions to let them know how much I appreciate them taking such special care of my dog!

    For any dog owner that truly cares about their dog, I HIGHLY recommend Pooch Pals!!!

  18. The people at Pooch Pals are wonderful at what they do. They go beyond just walking your dog…they truly care about training and pet care and work to build a relationship with each customer. Marc, the owner, is very knowledgeable and personable and really makes you feel like your dog is in good hands. Highly recommended.

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