Help Your Dog Cope With Fireworks

Posted on Posted in Pet Care, Training

Plan ahead and prepare your pet for this fourth of July with a couple training tips. First, click the enclosed link to download our Fireworks Sound Effect Mp3 file.

  1. Once you’ve downloaded the fireworks Mp3, play it on loop at low volume during meal time. Increase the volume gradually over the course of several days until it’s playing full blast.
  2. In addition to using feedings as a positive reinforcer, incorporate your pets favorite toys and high-value treats as you play the sound effect so that fireworks, as perceived by your dog, equal play time, fun, positive value.
  3. An hour or two before the fireworks, take a jog or long walk with your pooch. Exercise is essential to turn chaos into calm.
  4. Attempt to soundproof your apt/home. Secure all doors and windows and draw the curtains to deaden the sound of fireworks.
  5. Does your pet take comfort in a crate? Drape blankets over the crate to insulate against flashes of light and noise.
  6. During the fireworks, turn on your TV and radio at a raised volume to make individual sounds harder to distinguish.
  7. If fireworks give your pet extreme fear/anxiety you might want to consider purchasing a D.A.P (dog appeasing pheromone) collar or diffuser or a Thundershirt. Just keep in mind, these products need to purchased in advance and slowly introduced to your dog.
  8. After your fireworks extravaganza remember to pick up and dispose of any firework debris as this can be harmful to animals if eaten.

We hope you and yours have a happy fourth of July!