The Pooch Pals Team

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We recommend you allow yourself at least 30 minutes to complete the job application process. Be prepared to provide details regarding your experience, education, references and testimony.

Pooch Pals is founded on the belief that happy customers and happy employees go hand-in-hand!

We are always looking for exceptional men and women who resonate with our customer service approach, and are as passionate about animals as we are. At Pooch Pals, we are committed to creating a positive environment that fosters teamwork and open communication. Many of our internal processes that employees use are technology driven so if you own a smartphone, use email and chat apps, and frequent your social media page(s), you’ll fit right in. As any Pooch Pals employee will tell you, the job is a LOT of fun.

Our employees are professional, personable and reliable, and have the highest regard for honesty and integrity. While you’ll be spending most of the time with our client’s furry friends, you can expect to form some really wonderful relationships with their parents as well.

New employees are enrolled in our training program coined Pooch Pals University. Not only will you be paid during your training week, you’ll also work one-on-one with our senior pet care staff learning about positive reinforcement dog training techniques, canine body language, basic obedience commands and on-the-job safety. Designed by certified dog trainers, Pooch Pals University ensures that each and every employee is setup for success in their new role working with our clients and their pets.

After going through our employment FAQ below, we welcome you to submit an application to join the team!

  • Applying For A Job
  • What are the prerequisites for a job at Pooch Pals?

    1. All candidates must love animals!
    2. Possess the personality and morals to uphold our core values i.e. professional, personable, reliable and trustworthy.
    3. Six (6) month commitment towards the position, at least.
    4. Exceptional written and oral communication skills.
    5. Previous customer service experience.
    6. Willing to work outdoors in any possible seasonal condition.
    7. Physically fit, capable of being on your feet for long hours at a time.
    8. Interested in learning about dog training.
    9. Available to work a three (3) hour time shift Monday through Friday for at least six months.
    10. Capable of navigating the New York City subway system.
    11. Own a smartphone capable of checking your email and a computer at home with a working Internet connection.
    12. Willing to submit to a criminal background check.

  • What are the steps in the hiring process?

    Once submitted, your application will be kept active for 60 days. During this time, the management team will have access to review your application and may contact you to set up an interview. At the end of the 60-day period, you may submit another application should you wish to continue to be considered for another position.

  • Is there a minimum time commitment required to work at Pooch Pals?

    Yes. Pooch Pals is committed to hiring only the best pet care providers who are available to work the same three (3) hour time shift Monday through Friday for at least six months. We make strong bonds with our clients and it's important for them to have stability when they are trusting us to take care of their furry friends.
    Common time shifts are:

    • Morning: Mon - Fri from 9am - 12pm
    • Afternoon: Mon - Fri from 12pm - 3pm
    • Late Afternoon: Mon - Fri from 2pm - 5pm
    • Full Day: Mon - Fri from 9am - 5pm
  • Why do I need a smartphone?

    A phone that is capable of Internet access is a requirement since all pet care services are registered through our unique GPS tracking system. We also use two smartphone based applications for internal communications amongst the team.

  • On average, how much does a pet care professional earn each week?

    The weekly commissions outlined below are based on a candidate’s on the job work availability. This is the time spent on the job and does not include time traveling to or from your home, school, other job etc. Any overnight pet sitting or boarding services provided are in addition to the compensation estimates below.

    • 3 hour shift (Mon - Fri) $150/week
    • 4 hour shift (Mon - Fri) $200/week
    • 5 hour shift (Mon - Fri) $250/week
    • 6 hour shift (Mon - Fri) $300/week
    • 7 hour shift (Mon - Fri) $350/week
    • 8 hour shift (Mon - Fri) $400/week

    * Earning estimates shown above are gross numbers. Actual income may be less after New York State Payroll taxes have been deducted.

  • Who do I contact if I have a question about the job opportunity or the status of my application?

    If you'd like to follow up on the status of your application, you are welcome to send us an email at info@poochpalspetcare.com.

  • Frequently Asked Employment Questions
  • Do I get paid while going through Pooch Pals employee training program?
    Yes, all trainees receive a free seven day unlimited subway card at the start of training.
  • How long will it take to receive a full schedule of clients?

    You may start out slowly with just 1 or 2 clients. Covering other walkers during vacations and sick days is a great way to make up for empty spaces in schedules and learn about different dog personalities. We try our best to fit new employees with clients as soon as we can.

  • What does Pooch Pals employee training program entail?

    You will have 3 full days of on-the-job training with a Team Leader followed by a daily test online. You are also required to attend 4 professional dog training classes with in the first 30 days of employment, as well as sign up for animal rescue volunteering in accordance with our core values. Classes are available to the public for $40/visit, Pooch Pals staff attend free of charge.

  • What do employees find to be the most effective way to travel during the workday?

    We recommend all Pooch Pals staff purchase a weekly or monthly unlimited metrocard. You will most likely need to use it a few times a day. Driving to work is not a practical means of transportation for this type of work. We discourage our staff from driving to avoid scheduling delays and expensive parking fees.

  • What if I need to take time off?

    All staff are able to take unpaid vacation days as long as it's requested with 2 weeks advanced notice. We also provide employees paid sick days based upon the number of hours they work during the quarter.

  • Will I get to meet other pet care providers?

    Yes! We hold periodic gatherings specifically so we can get to know one another.

  • What is the most common time of the day that dog walking services are provided?

    A vast majority of our clients need pet care services during work hours from 9 - 5pm Monday through Friday. Requests outside of these peak hours are less frequent.

  • What do I need to wear?

    Pride in personal appearance and good hygiene is important in our ability to create strong long-standing bonds with our clients and remain competitive in the service industry. The appearance of our employees communicates an image of Pooch Pals to the public. While on the job, Pooch Pals employees are required to present themselves professionally while still maintaining comfort. Closed toed shoes are a must, as well as clothing without rips and tears in it.