House Breaking Training Made Simple

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house breaking trainingWhen it comes to house breaking training the single most effective tool in your trainers kit is…… a crate.

Developing a house breaking schedule is another important part of creating your Treatment Plan. In short, the crate should be made into a safe/cozy place where your dog get’s it’s favorite toys and treats. The placement of the crate is also a contributing factor to whether your dog ‘feels safe’ inside the crate. Drape a blanket over it, push it up into a corner of your room creating a cave of sorts.

As a general rule when housebreaking puppies, your dog can stay inside a closed crate for approximately the same number of hours the puppy is in months. 3 months old = 3 hours. Don’t forget that the act of consuming water or food stimulates elimination so when devising your Treatment Plan you have to take this into account with your schedule.

There is no set time it will take to house break your dog. However, in our experience, the more diligent you are as an owner keeping a consistent schedule the more likely you will be in achieving your house breaking training goals. Contact us if your interested in receiving a copy of our puppy house breaking training chart.

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