Traveling, working or simply away from home? Give your pet the love they deserve.

Our hangout service is perfect for anyone with a busy life who wants their pet to have the same love and attention that you would give, with the added benefit of positive reinforcement behavior training. A member of the Pooch Pals professional pet care team will come to your home for a couple hours to walk, feed, train, and play with your pet until bedtime (generally between 6-10pm, though the hours can vary pending our availability). Hangouts are also perfect for new puppies who can’t yet go outside but still need someone to just check in on them during the day and help them work on their basic obedience skills!

What is Positive Reinforcement Dog Training?

Positive reinforcement dog training is a humane, caring, and rewarding process for both you and your dog: All you need is a professional who can offer advice, provide guidance, and participate in your dog’s lessons. Pooch Pals trainers use positive reinforcement dog training to build a close relationship and promote the best possible behavior. A regular routine can be your best asset as you’re teaching important lessons to your dog.

When you schedule a pet care reservation with Pooch Pals, you secure the services of a highly trained and knowledgeable pet professional. We’re dedicated to providing the highest standard of pet care and training.

Pooch Pals pet care is a fully bonded & insured member of Pet Sitters International.